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Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery

Arborista tree surgeons are highly skilled & equipped to carry out tree works to BS3998:2010.


Wood and Orchard Management

Well managed areas are both beautiful to behold, provide important wildlife habitats & can be a good income source.



Trees growing close to structures can, in certain circumstances, be the cause of damage.

Tree Issues?

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Tree Advice!

Welcome to The Arborist, Wells…

Our aim is to offer sensible advice on the care of trees in all situations; taking a holistic view of trees, the space which they occupy and the space they create.
We believe that the key to effective tree management is an understanding of the ever changing relationship between the tree and its environment.

All is steered through everything. - Herocletes

Our mission is to provide straightforward advice about a complicated subject.The complex symbiotic relationship between a tree, the environment in which it lives and the habitat it provides is fundamentally important to our own well being. Our safety, health and spiritual welfare are inextricably linked to the health of our environment.

Trees play a vital role in the dynamic balance that represents harmony in nature. That harmony extends into our lives from our countryside & woodlands though our parks and gardens. Modern life exerts pressures on trees that they were never meant to bear; the needs of housing, industry and transport are an integral part of modern life. With care, trees and their ecosystems are a significant contributing part of 21st century life; now as they were millennia ago, when they provided the basic resources for life to our ancestors.